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From: Brian Carling (
Date: Wed May 17 1995 - 07:54:00 EDT


(aa7qy@PrimeNet.Com) writes:

RH>Nils, I have tried the bow and arrow route with some success (except when
RH>the line breaks and had no idea where the darned thing went) and the
RH>slingshot (not accurate enough). I finally settled on my trusty Lunkerstick
RH>fishing flings a one oz. weight with ease, where I aim it, and
RH>gets over 100' high with no problem. Paint the weight a bright color (
RH>a new thought for me), and let it free-spool down to near the ground.
RH>The plus is that I can justify taking the old fishing rod along on a ham
RH>trip....might even catch dinner, :-).

RH>A pack of 1 oz sinkers is a durned sight cheaper than one arrow, and there
RH>is less potential for damage to anyone on the far side of the target.

But Roger, what is wrong with a 1 ounce ROCK? They are free, and
I've used them successfully to throw up into trees.
The problem I face here is that there are so many trees next to each
other. None of them are huge. The tallest are probably no more than
40 or at best 45 feet, and they are packed pretty densely. It's a real
challenge. I am not too excited about climbing them, but it may be the
only way to weave the antenna up into there without getting caught on
all of the limbs that are in the way.

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