Re: WW2 RX to qrp Tcvr


Date: Tue May 16 1995 - 21:51:46 EDT

A few comments on TCS radios.

 (For those who just tuned in, the TCS series were US Navy gear, WW2 era.
 Heavy duty, shock-mounted and cool wrinkle black cabinets. They consisted
of separate receiver and transmitter and covered 1.5-12 MHz I believe. The
radios had several crystal controlled channels and VFO to choose from. They
were capable of AM and CW. With 1625 or 807 tubes in the finals, power was
probably in the 25-40 watt region. The radios tuned directly into a wire
antenna, I think 25-50 feet long.)

To find schematics, I suggest asking around on QRP-L for the address of FAIR
RADIO in Lima, Ohio. They had a lot of TCS equipment 15-20 years ago, and
may have the manuals.

If you're restoring older "valve"radios beware of old electrolytic capacitors
in the radios. After being dormant for years, a surge of high voltage may
send them up in smoke.

I had the pair of TCS Rx/Tx and HV power supply 20 years ago and wish I had
them now. My inclination would be to restore them to near-original condition
without ham mods.

72, Jay WB6AAM ARCI 5050

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