Re: Tree time & other vagaries of the mind


Date: Tue May 16 1995 - 20:48:52 EDT

A hard hat would be a good idea when chucking metal tools up in a
tree. Chain mail would be a good idea, too. One time a flat file
bounced back from a 60 foot branch and I lost sight of it as it
whistled down. Narrowly missed me and my car.

Sling shots are hard to find in the stores around here. My current
antenna ropes were put up by throwing a cheap football over a branch.
Just tie fishing line or mason's twine to the laces. Another handy
throwing object is a tennis ball. Borrow an old, slotted one from a
big dog and stuff a padlock inside. I'll admit that my neighbors got
a good chuckle, and there is nothing over the highest branch yet. :-)

You guys with the field & stream gear are getting the aerials up twice
as high. Thanks for sharing how you do it, and good luck on field day.

73, Rob Heiss KO6KA

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