QRP Rig design Ideas


From: Adam O'Donnell (adam@philadelphia.libertynet.org)
Date: Tue May 16 1995 - 20:23:12 EDT

It seems that a few people want really really striped down, low I
consumption, 10 part rigs and a few people want rigs with DDS, PLLs, PALs,
and a little Pentium sitting on top to control band changes during contests.

This is what I propose. The design is simple, but will lend itself
to easy modification and insertion of a few goodies (Like the WB0VNE DDS

        Ditch the NE602
        Dual band coverage. (The builder would be able to decide which
                            bands he would like in his rig.)
        300hz bandwidth IF CW filter
        Single Conversion SuperHet (This is up for discussion)
        Leave out the NE-602
        Low part usage
        Receive power consumption of 35mA or less
        All PC-Board construction
        NO NE-602 mixer
        Varactor tuning
        Easy construction
        And provisions for:
                S meter
                DDS (not to hard with the WB0VNE DigiVFO circuit)
That just about covers it. Please send mail with suggestions for
the changes for goals.

The only way this project will get off the ground is with set boundries.

72, 73

Adam O'Donnell, N3RCS
Internet:  adam@libertynet.org

My parents tell me that I just take up time and space. It's true - I'm into relativity theory.

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