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From: Robert J. Gobrick (
Date: Tue May 16 1995 - 20:05:19 EDT

QRP-L Gang,

I've been thinking about this for a while and I figured I'd better try
posting it before I leave Friday for a vacation and minimum access to my
daily qrp news.


by Bob Gobrick VO1DRB/WA6ERB

I've been thinking lately about a surface mounted component project.

I've been thinking lately about a qrp-l project.

I've been thinking lately about a joint qrp-l project with a local QRP club
(a club maybe like the Colorado QRP Club).

My modest proposal:

1. Let's brainstorm first on if a surface mounted component project is of
interest to any of you adventurous folks out there. I've been getting some
public and private postings that says there is an interest.

2. Let's make a quick FAQ sheet on reading resources on SMC projects - the
one that comes to mind to me is Paul W1CFI SMC 80 meter xcvr in the Jan 94
QQ. Are there others out there (QEX, COMM Quarterly, SPRAT). We need
someone to catalog this.

3. Let's brainstorm and pick a "first time" SMC ham project. I for one
don't want to spend $100 on my first SMC project - what if my magnifying
glass breaks. Also some rf components may not be available in SMC's (SMC
toroid - they would be hell to wind - ok I know they make static ring mixers
). I think for a "first-time" project maybe we need to start with something
non-rf. SMC Keyer? Tiny SMC audio filter with amp? SMC SCAF filter? SMC
converter to listen/transmit on 6 meters with a cb rig? What I think we
need is a simple "first-time" project which the average (we qrpers are far
from average) kit builder could succeed at. Any thoughts out there.

4. Once we pick the design we need some design and breadboarding (what do
you call a SMC pc board?) I think we can get some volunteers here on the qrp-l.

5. And finally - here is the twist - we need to find a club that would like
to jointly sponsor this project by acting as the "kitter" We need a club
who, like the QRP club of New England, Norcal QRP club, Northwest QRP club
is ready to come out with a club kit and gain worldwide QRP notariety. We
need a local club, because they can gather a few members with tweezers and
"bag" up all the SMC caps, resistors, ic's etc into kits - say a quantity of
100. I keep thinking the Colorado QRP club is ripe for this.

6. And finally we need a pseudo project manager to keep this all going.
I'll certainly help with that role - but just to warn folks I'm on vacation
the next two weeks and I may not have time to think... ;-)

OK can we get some volunteers for some of these activites? Doug of Norcal
said that he hopes to get an SMC how-to-do-it article shortly from a qrper
that he collared at Dayton. That's a great start. Maybe some of the G-QRP
gang can give us a hand since I think SPRAT had some past SMC articles (and
a company that supplied kits at one time). Maybe the New England gang can
tap Paul W1CFI one more time to write some SMC material. Maybe we need a
few tutorials from some of the top-notch people on this list.

OK that's my modest proposal - I am not asking for your first born or any
other Jonathan Swift type wants.

What do you guys and gals think - should we give it a go. Again let's start
with something easy and let's get the help of a local club to coordinate
things - I think the reason why the last QRP-L group project didn't get
launched was because it may have become too ambitious. Please make your
posts public for the time being. And as I mentioned I am going to be out of
pocket starting on Friday this week so if you post to me I may not be able
to anser until I'm back and download the zillion emails (where is that

73/72 and let's have some fun before my eyesight goes.. 8-)



        Bob Gobrick - VO1DRB/WA6ERB/VE2DRB - Newfoundland, Canada



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