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From: Skelton, Tom (
Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 17:30:00 EDT

From: erics
To: Paul M. Dunphy
Cc: dx reflector; QRP Reflector
Subject: Re: The Local QRPer Returns
Date: Friday, May 05, 1995 12:00AM

Paul M. Dunphy writes on the DX reflector:>
> Last week one of the Local QRPers was up the hill, this one to throw
> himself in our chair and complain that he was tired. "I've had it", he
> advised us, "I've had it with DXing and and with all this rushing to catch

> something just beyond reach. I'm tired of DXing.............<snip>


I'm sorry to see that you used QRP'ers as the subject for your tome on
DX'ers who just complain and don't really try.
73, Eric WA6HHQ <FLAME suit on!>

"Local QRPer" has nothing to do with power level -- this story is a
tribute to a writing style and terminology used by WA6AUD/Cass many
years ago. Cass was the editor of the West Coast DX Bulletin, and
"Local QRPer" was simply one of many descriptors he used for DXers
(none of them derogatory). Other descriptors included Red Eyed Louie
(the guy who stayed up all night scanning the bands, or waiting on the
DX-pedition's frequency, so he didn't miss anything) and The Old Timer
(the real DX sage, the one with the answers you might or might NOT
understand). The Old Timer's pants were always a little more broad
in the seat for good reason....

Sorry you didn't catch this...try to find a copy of "DX IS" or some
West Coast DX Bulletins. I hope you will enjoy the writing. I always
did .. still do!

73, Tom WB4iUX

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