From: Clark Savage Turner WA3JPG (turner@safety.ICS.UCI.EDU)
Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 15:21:07 EDT

> Why aren't there any SSB QRP nets or roundtables? Also, are there any SSB
> QRP standard meeting frequencies?

You know, there are some standard QRP SSB calling frequencies, but they
are not ones I tend to frequent. I operate 40 meters 99 per cent of the
time, and the calling frequency there is up in the foreign BC I
believe, so I rarely go there when things are hopping, I usually hang
down around 7225 + a few. Is this worth discussing more? If the calling
frequency is down there, I will hang there more often, but I seem to
recall that it is 7280 or something, a section of the band impossible
even for QRO guys after 6 pm.

> I always know where to find the QRP CW ops, but never know where to go to
> find SSB QRP ops. Anyone know? Anyone have any ideas?

Good questions for discussions. After the SSB foxhunts, we all know that
some of us own microphones and even know the precise buttons needed to
activate them. I am active at least one evening a week on 40 (and
sometimes 75) SSB QRP. If we had standard frequencies that were relatively
usable (or a small range), I might begin there.


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