Finishing the NorCal 40A


From: Bob Levine (
Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 12:46:34 EDT

First of all, I want to thank Bruce (sorry lost your call
and email address) for waiting for me at Hara Arena when
I was late. The unbuilt NorCal 40A you sold me is now
a built NorCal 40A and worked first time (after alignment
procedure of course).

I want to paint the kit now but have no experience painting/
finishing brushed aluminum (I assume that is what it is).

Any suggestions on type of paint/coat to use? Also, I want
to send it to Stan K4DRD for silkscreening so I want to make
sure what I do to it is compatibile with silkscreening.

This was my first kit that required torroid "sewing". (My
other experiece with QRP kit building was with the OHR
Explorer which came with pre-wound torroids). That was not
the most pleasureable thing to to! Didnt actually finish
until 1am so I didnt get on the air. Hope to hear some others
around 7.010-7.020 or so this weekend.

This part of the hobby is a hidden treasure.

73 Bob KD1GG

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