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From: Brian Carling (brian.carling@acenet.com)
Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 12:30:00 EDT

From: brian.carling@acenet.com

gmd@rfpo1.rfc.comm.harris.com (DIANA, GARY M) writes:

DGM>rig. Later Chuck changed the rules, which was OK, and then sometime
DGM>later a response was posted to the effect that by imposing the
DGM>"homebrew" clause, approximately 95% of the people reading the
DGM>notice would be EXCLUDED from the contest. The implication was that
DGM>only the "elite" (i.e. those with homebrewed rigs) could particpate.

READ the message my friend! That is NOT what it said! You must have
been speed reading and skipped the main point that was UNDERLINING
the word "RECEIVER". What I said was that building our own receiver
was a problem for many hams.


The name is Brian, not "JOE", and sure, it ain't so!
It ain't what I said!

Here's the quote you refered to:

> From: brian.carling@acenet.com

CA> A. Homebrew or kitted rigs only. No ICOMs, no Yaesu's, etc.
CA> Get out or build the NN1Gs, OHRs, Danny's Small Parts, ugly
CA> construction or whatever. This includes receiver and transmitter.

BC> You just eliminated 95% of the people reading this message!

DGM>I hope more than 5% of the qrp list participants have built something
DGM>from a kit...

I have, but I prefer to use my Kenwood turned down to 5 watts
right now because I work two jobs and have little time to homebrew.
I have built several homebrew receivers that didn't work!

DGM>And I always though the "elite" were those with sufficient $$$ to buy
DGM>the YaeComWood equipment!

Not at all. The Elite are those with Commercial kits in the $250+
range. Or the new TenTec $1200-1500 QRP rig. Even an S&S Engineering
rig, a $375.00 OHR kit or an Index Labs rig would be way beyond
my reach these days, and to me the guys who have THESE rigs are the
QRP elite!

I traded some junk that I got for free, for a SONY ICF2010 three years
ago, and then sold it last year and added about $125 that I got from
selling some more junk that I got for free, and traded up to an old,
used TS430. So that makes me "Elite?" I think not!

Just a few random thoughts. I am not upset about whatever rules are
set up. I will just make the contacts anyway at 5 watts, enjoy the QSOs
immensely, and not enter for any prizes, awards or acclaim!
And I will have JUST as much fun as the rest of the gang...
See you all on the air! 72 de AF4K/QRP

BTW - my antenna blew down this week so I am QRT for a few days!

 ~ SLMR 2.1a ~ Remember, you are unique, just like everyone else!

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