Re: The Local QRPer Returns


From: Eric Swartz WA6HHQ (
Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 11:37:26 EDT

Paul M. Dunphy writes on the DX reflector:>
> Last week one of the Local QRPers was up the hill, this one to throw
> himself in our chair and complain that he was tired. "I've had it", he
> advised us, "I've had it with DXing and and with all this rushing to catch
> something just beyond reach. I'm tired of DXing.............<snip>


I'm sorry to see that you used QRP'ers as the subject for your tome on
DX'ers who just complain and don't really try. The subject is certainly
a valid one, but its both unfair and very innacurate to categorize QRP'ers in
this manner.

As one who runs both QRO and QRP, and who enjoys the 'Hunt' while running
QRP, I beleive that many of the best DX'ers improved their skills while
hunting DX running QRP. Most QRP DX'ers I know DO spend most of their time
listening and hunting, so they can be the first one there to catch the
DX before the Packet Cluster crowd jumps in. Since I turned off the
big amp, I've found that I can still work mucho DX, (most of it on 40m
with 4w), and even break pile ups. My operating skills have improved
so much while hunting DX QRP that when I when I run 100w I now have
zero problems getting the DX - I feel like I'm running an Alpha!

Chasing DX QRP is a great way to improve your operating skills. My
CW speed, ability to find DX and break pile ups has inreased over an
order of magnitude since I started DX chasing a-la QRP last year. Its

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a wild eyed, QRP only fiend - I still
enjoy stomping around the bands from time to time with the Alpha
running full tilt - but I do feel that QRP is a great way to enjoy
this hobby, and that most QRP DX'ers are excellent op's who do not fit
the stereotype in your post.

The bottom line for me is: 'Have fun, QRP, QRO or however you like
to operate!'

73, Eric WA6HHQ <FLAME suit on!>


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