Re: anti qrp hecklers


From: Muenzler, Kevin (
Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 11:17:01 EDT writes:

>Actually, the 'high power' folks (some of them) kind of look down their
>at us. I had the recent experience of operating with a friend of mine who
>an avid contester and dxer. He virtually never operates at less than 1000.
>When I broke out my 950mw 40 meter home brew he actually laughed. By the
>the weekend was over his tune had changed to 'hey that thing really
>My other experience during the same weekend was with a ham in Chicago who,
>when we exchanged rig information, said he had to go QRT then signed and
>disappeared.. right in the middle of a QSO. Two minutes later I found him
>3kc down calling CQ... hhmmmmm.... oh well. I'm having fun (and
>my high power buds!) building and operating. Besides, it takes all kinds
>as my mom used to say (still does!) if everyone were the same life would
>be BORING. P-)
>Mike KE4PC

Real hams don't need amps!

Kevin WB5RUE, WAS, WAC, 45 countries confirmed QRP-CW

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