Re: IQ130 contest


From: David Moody, KD8NY (
Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 09:54:39 EDT

>The contest is a great idea---especially for 30M, but here's my
> two-bits worth:

Anything that boosts 30m activity without turning it cutthroat is for me.

>Re: name --- I rather like calling it ''30-something''

Sure, why not. But this isn't a contest, it's an operating opportunity,
an event. [Rationalize module ON]

>Re: mobile --- how about a bonus just for mobile CW in motion
> especially considering how tough it is to punch out CW
> while driving...

Is it safe to drive and log??? ;-)

>Re: More than one section --- hats off to you, let's give additional
> points for operating in more than one ARRL section, however
> you enter as a ''multi-single'' (each section is treated
> as another 'band' is scored in the CQWW or ARRL DX), so
> total score = Q's x mults per band...

Boy, I wish I lived closer to more section borders, or in So. Cal. Maybe
this would be better using the V/UHF contests "rover" category only it
applies to sections, not grids.

>Re: biggest bonus --- adjust scoring so you get most points for working 77
> sections in only 77-qso's! Of course, you're honor bound to report
> qso's ---

I think that should be a sponsored award. Hmm, have to think about that
one a bit. We are honorable people, right? ;^) In fact, it isn't hard to
come up with all kinds of different awards (this is not a contest) for this

>That ought to start the e-mail flowing! 72, and back to the work bench
>to finish the NN1G 40-30 ---- excellent idea, yeah CHUCK!

Well, here is my e-mail. I love the idea, and I hope that we can do this
without getting flamed over contests on 30m. The long term nature of the
event ought to take care of that problem.

Just to add to this thread...
I think that the HB requirement should only be a bonus. I would much rather
HB my xmtr and use my ICOM R71 rcvr, or even fire up the MFJ, but however
the rules, errr operating guidelines go, I will do it that way. I like the
idea of this way too much. (Repeat quietly to yourself...This is not a
contest, this is not a ...)

72 es CU on 30m, but I won't say exactly when, except to say that I work
days, and [...stop this before it gets out of hand...]
72, 73, David Moody, KD8NY

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