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From: Michael S. Dooley (
Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 09:21:43 EDT

> Date: Thu, 4 May 1995 18:58:44 -0600 (MDT)
> From: Rick Zabrodski <>
> Subject: anti qrp hecklers
> Mike makes mention of this as a reason to avoid being a newsgroup.
> I must ask: why would anybody be anti qrp or want to heckle qrpers?
> (I say this as a previous serious dxer and still sometimes serious
> contestor.....I know why people don't like this group!) Is there a group
> out there saying "1.5 kw or nothing"...."use it or loose it"?
> Dr. Rick Zabrodski BSc, MD, CCFP(E) * VE6GK
> Email: * NorCal 519 ARCI 7650 GQRP 8329
> Phone 403-271-5123 Fax 403-225-1276 * "Power is no substitute for skill"

Actually, the 'high power' folks (some of them) kind of look down their nose
at us. I had the recent experience of operating with a friend of mine who is
an avid contester and dxer. He virtually never operates at less than 1000.
When I broke out my 950mw 40 meter home brew he actually laughed. By the time
the weekend was over his tune had changed to 'hey that thing really works!'.
My other experience during the same weekend was with a ham in Chicago who,
when we exchanged rig information, said he had to go QRT then signed and
disappeared.. right in the middle of a QSO. Two minutes later I found him
3kc down calling CQ... hhmmmmm.... oh well. I'm having fun (and educating
my high power buds!) building and operating. Besides, it takes all kinds and
as my mom used to say (still does!) if everyone were the same life would sure
be BORING. P-)
Mike KE4PC

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