Re: anti qrp hecklers


Date: Fri May 05 1995 - 07:48:28 EDT


I believe the experience with news groups suggests that there are those
who are anti-anything, hecklers waiting for a subject to flame, seekers
of attention whose only means--for want of self-confidence--is to get in
the way of others and arouse attention-as-angered-response. They tend to
be ignored on lists (or responded to off-list), but manage to arouse
heated exchanges in the news groups. It takes a great deal of
self-discipline to ignore and let pass a flamer who deserves a lecture on
disagreement-with-courtesy; I know, because my tongue has holes from
biting it when encountering the occasional flamer that briefly appears on
one of the many netlists to which I subscribe. However, only if basic
courtesy and good will are the foundation of a group (list or news) can
we feel free to good-naturedly kid a fellow member, knowing it will be
recognized as that and not a flame. On some news groups, skins have worn
thin enough that folks speak very carefully, and that gets to be
unnatural. So while this list is not immune from occasional criticism,
it still remains relaxed, friendly, and therefore open to wide-ranging
discussions whose thread to qrp is sometimes long and thin, but
allowable. And it is accessable to those who have only the most basic
e-mail service without extended access to other facets of Internet. My
own opinion is that in an imperfect world, it is working pretty doggone
well, and improving--especially as well all get to know each other better.

This opinion is worth no more than what each reader has paid for it.


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