Re: What color should the rig be...... ?


From: John D. Spittle (
Date: Mon May 01 1995 - 14:56:14 EDT

It all depends upon the intended usage.

For backpacking and true wilderness operation the colour MUST contrast
with the surrounding flora to avoid becoming lost. Ergonomics dictates
that ALL controls are best placed on TOP of the enclosure along with
antenna ans battery connectors - the lower half of the enclosure being
completely waterproof. A hinged lid over the control panel is desirable to
keep out moisture, sand, ants etc. For example, I have one of my
"Epiphyte" boards (modified to put out 4 - 5 Watts) packed into a small
plactic recipe-card box found in all stationary stores.

But the purpose of this posting is to draw attention to the apalling lack
of imagination displayed by the average homebrewer in the choice of
colour for the components actually mounted on the PCB - and even in the
choice of colour of the PCB itself. Whilst semiconductors continue to
come in "any colour you want - so long as it's black", the same is not
true of most other components. There is no excuse for not "creating"
something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Find a
nice piece of bright blue PCB and gold-plate the traces after etching.
Use an orange relay as the centerpiece set in a sea of blue, yellow and
green caps. Be sure to lay the resistors flat to display the true
magnificance of the coloured bands. Be creative.

Maybe we should have an annual PCB "art show"1

72 Derry VE7QK

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