Re: What color should the rig be...... ?


Date: Mon May 01 1995 - 07:49:57 EDT

On Sun, 30 Apr 1995, Steve Hideg wrote:
> Shouldn't someone create a rig-color-l list for all this?
Not at all. Part of qrp operating involves the physical process of
manipulating and controlling the equipment. Size, shape, materials,
colors, and other factors enter into all levels of operating, from the
basic ability to correctly adjust the rigs controls on the first try with
only a glance at the panel to achieving maximum success in operating
under any specified set of conditions. They are as important a set of
considerations as the choice of a key or the choice of circuits within
the case. Ergonomics, as the study of the relationship of the user to
the equipment is often called at the formal level, is both a science and
an art. Studies have been made of such things as panel angle vs.
operator position to ensure ease of a. reading the panel indicators
correctly and b. reaching controls with the wide range of human arm
length and hand size. Lighting, knob size and shape, variety of shapes
and colors on the panel, position of most-to-least used controls, and
dozens more factors go into ergonomically-satisfactory designs. Color
for both day and "night" vision, especially for field work, one important
aspect of rig design worth discussion, and some of the entries on the
list have made significant contributions on questions of which colors
work and which are not likely to work. Of course, in qrp, especially for
the field, operating ergonomics often takes second place to equipment
transport and packaging matters. But such factors can make a difference
in either making or losing a contact and in fatigue during long operating
exercises such as contests. Because the subject cannot be reduced to
either a set of design formulas or to a set of concerns with a long ham
history, the discussion is likely to be quite informal and unstructured.
But it remains important to future rig building. The shape of things to
come may not be the shape of things past.


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