How Dayton relates to QRP


From: Paulette Quick, N9OUH (
Date: Sun Apr 30 1995 - 22:58:06 EDT

I was going to name this post "Sunny. Clear skies. Can this be Dayton?"
but the anti-wx posts dissuaded me.

"I'm going to heaven for four days," is how I explained my vacation to
co-workers, and of course I was talking about my first-ever visit to the

I especially wanted to speak with the attending members of the qrp list.
You are all radio gods to me (and a few, sigh, very few goddesses). The
chance to actually see you all in person proved better than rare DX.

Some of you I did get to meet in order to state how much I've appreciated
your postings and this list in general, but I wasn't able to personally
talk with enough of the qrp-l attendees. I especially wanted to tell Nils
Young, WB8IJN, how much I've enjoyed his humor (especially a post about
Dayton), but oh well, maybe next year. I really wanted to meet the cosmic
high god of the qrp universe - Ade Weiss, W0RSP, but he wasn't there

Oh yeah, what does Dayton have to do with qrp and this list?

Dayton for me was what ham radio--and qrp are all about.

Thanks to this special aspect of the hobby, and it's expression on this
listserv, I was able to talk with and learn from some of the kindest,
friendliest, as well as most knowledgeable and intelligent radio folks
you'd ever want to meet.

Bless you all. Special thanks to Jim Fitton, who ever so patiently
expended hours explaining to me the basics of soldering and circuit board
construction. I will remember your example in the years to come and will
try to help new people in the same way you assisted this qrp neophyte.

See you next year,

73 de N9OUH
Paulette Quick

P.S. Wondering how to explain to non-ham friends why getting a "Brass
Racer" door prize is an occasion of wild joy.

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