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From: Bob Howle (
Date: Fri Apr 28 1995 - 07:49:38 EDT

        One of the high points of my year is receiving the annal Fair Radio
Sales surplus catalog in my mailbox. Last week I got Fair's 48 th catalog,
WS-95. There are several items in the new catalog that might be of interest
to QRP'ers.

        On page 15 there's an ad for a AS-1320/PRC-47 antenna. It's an
8-section, fifteen foot whip antenna with a set of MT-2786 legs that will
allow use as an HF ground plane. The antenna apearently dissassembles
eaisly and come with a canvass carrying case. The Price is twenty bucks -
for another four bucks you can also order a 3" ceramic insulator that
threads into the AS-1320 base. To me this sounds like the makings of a
great portable antenna project. I ordered mine a couple of days ago - I'll
report back to the group with what I finally come up with.

        See page 35 for a good assortment of "QRP Circuit Boards" about a
watt and a half out for 160, 80, 40, and thirty meters for from 20 - 23
dollars each - these are assembled with a 2N3019 in the PA - crystal
controlled of course.

        If you're into neat-o old military gear there's an AN/GRC-109 radio
set on page 19. Consists of seperate, tube type transmitter, receiver and
power supply - the power output is a few watts over the QRP limit, but you
can always 'crank it back'. This setup covers from 3 to 22 Mhz - the
transmitter will match a 72 to 1200 ohm single wire antenna. Around $
100.00 for the whole setup.

        Call Fair Radio Sales in Lima, OH at 419-223-2196 for a catalog.

        I'm not related to anyone at Fair Radio and have not been paid for
this review, etc., etc.

                                                Bob / WA4ZID
                                                Braxton, MS

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