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From: David Taylor (
Date: Fri Apr 28 1995 - 13:17:38 EDT

Hi All,

Thanks to those who responded to my question on CW abbreviations.

The consensus seems to be to:-

i) Be yourself - pick up terms you think are useful or meaningful and adopt

ii) Try to communicate what you want to say briefly, but don't use
ridiculous abbreviations that only your closest friends have ever heard!

iii) Terms used may differ between quick Dx contacts and ragchews - the
former may follow a pattern, while the latter may be more rambling.

iv) Don't get too far into slang - such as terms originated by the CB
fraternity. After all - we have our standards to maintain :-) (big smiley)

I'm happy I asked the question here - the response has been excellent -
thanks all! Now to put it into practice.

To those off to Dayton this weekend - hope its a blast! Let us Dx Ops who
can't get there know how it went.


David Taylor
Computer Centres
RMIT (Bundoora Campus)
Melbourne, Australia
Amateur Radio: VK3JKP

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