Re: 'CWese' help needed


From: Mike Robinson (
Date: Thu Apr 27 1995 - 16:26:46 EDT

I agree John. I always here SK at the end too. I'll try to
find the reference for that one.

The way I interpret it, KN means that the one you are QSOing
with or calling, should reply only. It makes sense to me that
you would want the one you are calling to respond. It just
eliminates confusion. K would be used, for example, at the
end of a CQ call.

There are so many styles and interpretations and there's nothing
wrong with that. But for the new hams it can sometimes make
it rough.

My peeves are usually related to in-appropriate use and
inefficient use. CW is intrinsically inefficient in
the transfer of information, hence the need for short-cuts.
If BT is a short cut, then why send it three times to separate
sentences? I hear this all too often.

The efficiency in CW is the ability to transfer the info
with a narrow bandwidth and a small amount of power. Which
is one of the reasons we congregate on the QRP list. We
like the idea of efficiency. Therefore, we should also be
efficient in our exchange of information.

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