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From: michael (w.m.) babineau (
Date: Thu Apr 27 1995 - 10:16:00 EDT

In message "Wilderness Radio and NorCal", Michael Babineau writes:

> For the sake of us qrp-l "newbies" could someone please post a short
> description of the NorCal 40A and the Sierra. Stuff I would like to see posted
> is bands, power, modes, superhet/DC rcvr and other things that might entice
> me to buy one of these kits.

Boy do I feel silly! Last night I opened up the latest issue of CQ and started
reading the article about Battery Power/Field Day (I can't exactly remember
what it was called) and there it was, a description of the Sierra, the Norcal 40a
and a bunch of others. So my question has been answered.

I seem to recall seeing a reference to a single band SSB QRP kit, but didn't
pay much attention. Does such a beast exist?

Michael VE3WMB

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