Re: D-Cells as a QRP Power Source ?


Date: Tue Apr 25 1995 - 16:57:38 EDT

HI Gang:

On Mon, 24 Apr 1995, John F. Woods wrote:

> I have got three gel-cells that I use for power, even on the bench. The two
> 7Ah batteries are a bit heavy, but I've also got a 4Ah battery that's light
> enough to lug around without regretting it (though I've never gone on long
> hikes with it, where every ounce eventually counts...).

Like John, I have several gell-cells. My MONGO Power Supply is a 20
amp/hr monster I got from the local NWS at Avoca airport. They regularly
change out these huge batteries and I was lucky to get mine in good

For use with the portagle 40 meter station which is built around a S&S
ARK-40, I have a 2.3 amp/hr unit with a Tejas charger taped to the side.

For the NorCal-40 I use TWO 1.3 amp/hr gell-cells in parallel. These,
like the 2.3 amp/hr unit, are small and relatively light weight.

I have found an excellent source for used gell-cells: namely a local
security firm that regularly changes them out of home and commercial
burgler alarms. Most of the time the batteries are good and will hold a
charge. Seldom do I have any throw aways.

Jus t some suggestions. Go out and be creative.

72 rich K7YHA

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