Re: Want: Dead HF rig


From: David Feldman (
Date: Mon Apr 24 1995 - 23:40:46 EDT writes:
>Looking for late model HF rig (WARC) with blown finals for a QRP project.
>Especially interested in FT-707, IC-735, TS-50s, or any TEN-TEC rigs.
>Of course, being broken, it should be cheap.

This brought back an interesting early QRP memory of mine:

In 1972 I bought a Ten-Tec Argonaut (505 style), and used it for about
a year. Then I ran into a local ham that had a Collins KWM-2A (round
emblem and all that, in excellent shape) that he had modified into a QRP
rig by removing the finals and linking the driver to the output tank
circuit. We traded _straight across_ (this was 1972, and the KWM2A was
still a pretty expensive rig; the Argonaut set me back $288).

I eventually fixed the KWM2A up and traded it away (and some years later
got another Argonaut), but it was sure interesting to see this all-tube
QRP boatanchor back then!

73 Dave WB0GAZ

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