Re: D-Cells as a QRP Power Source ?


From: Paul Harden (
Date: Mon Apr 24 1995 - 16:43:51 EDT

I use D-cell NiCads for my QRP rigs. They are a bit expensive, but
certainly cheaper by many times their cost vs. non-rechargeable types.
I recommend you look into the Radio Shack D-cell NiCads. They are rated
at 1.8 AH. I get good service out of them. I get on the air 2-3 times
per week and weekends when I can and find I charge them overnight every
two weeks. But the other reason for this recommendation is the Radio
Shack versions are true D-cells ... several of the other D-cells are
merely C-cells repacked into a D-container. Beware ... these are less
than 1 AH and you will notice they weigh less. Consumer Reports rated
the Radio Shack D-cells as the best AH for the buck. I now agree.

I also use a motorcycle battery for contests or field QRP operations
where I want a little more than 1.8 AH. For continuous operation, like
for Field Day, you can run down 1.8 AH fairly fast. The motorcycle
batteries, being 16 AH or more, are good for the long hauls ... but a
bit inconvenient to haul around for general use.

72, Paul NA5N

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