Making QSL cards


From: Rob Burgoon (
Date: Mon Apr 24 1995 - 17:21:12 EDT

Thanks Chuck for the compliment on my QSL card for NorCal
QRP Afield. I made the special card so it cost me time
but not money. I use the version of PrintShop that can do
postcards. I scanned in the Great America emblem from a
season pass (I hope they don't mind the small copyright
infringement!!). The program has lots of choices of fonts
and some sizes for the text and call sign. It prints out
4 cards per page on standard paper. I then xerox the paper
onto card stock on a copy machine that will take the card
stock. I haven't gotten brave enough to print directly to
card stock from my home printer. The hard part is cutting
each sheet on a paper cutter, I have trouble keeping the
cards square.
I don't get on the air much but when I do it's often from a
portable location, camping at a racetrack, the desert, etc.
and I enjoy making a QSL for the occasion. When you don't
make many contacts you don't have to make many QSLs :-).


Rob Burgoon, AB6NZ 

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