Re: Antenna Analysis


Date: Mon Apr 24 1995 - 12:01:45 EDT

I have an MFJ-249 (259 wasn't out when I bought it). It is a tremendous instrument. I also have an RF-1. The problem with the RF-1 is that it is touchy to tune and it is not as convenient to find a dip due to its digital meter. However, it is great for measuring reactance (L, C, and R) when your antenna is resonant.

For most of my antenna work, I still use the MFJ-249. However, I use the RF-1 for measuring coils and capacitors, and antenna impedance when I need to determine what impedance transformer to put ahead of the antenna (mostly work with mobile HF antennas).

My recommendation - buy an MFJ-259 first. Then an RF-1 at a later date. Also, I have the MFJ dip meter adapters. You generally have to couple so closely that you distort your resonance readings. I have an old Heathkit dip-meter (with an added counter output port) which is FAR FAR more sensitive than the dip meter adapters for the MFJ. The dip meter adapters work very poorly with the RF-1 because, again, it is difficult to see a dip on the digital meter.

Phil - AD5X

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