Requests for Battery article.


From: Dennis, K1YPP, 226-5982 (
Date: Mon Apr 24 1995 - 11:39:27 EDT

Hi folks:

I have been overwhelmed with requests for the Battery article that is related
to my talk at Dayton. Those that are sending diskettes will have them copied
and returned within 24 hours of receipt.

Since so many have requested that I put it on the net, I will. It will be
edited somewhat because it will not have drawings. I won't post it until after
Dayton since I would hate to steal my own thunder for those that will be
attending the lecture.

Another thought came to mind as all of this came about: Would another address,
such as "qrp-n" or something be a useful subset of this conference to post
newsletter articles etc.? From time to time I would be willing to produce
things for newsletter consumption, but I don't know as the readers of this
conference would want the bandwidth consumed with articles which tend not to
be as interactive as the dialog that goes on here. Any comments on this idea?

Dennis, K1YPP

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