D-Cells as a QRP Power Source ?


From: michael (w.m.) babineau (babineau@bnr.ca)
Date: Mon Apr 24 1995 - 10:38:00 EDT

Hi :

Can anyone relate their experiences using D-Cells (either alkaline or
Nicads) as power sources for QRP gear?

Is this cost effective?

What kind of amp/hr rating can I expect, especially from D-Cell Nicads ... or
should I just forget about this and go the gel-cell route?

I've used 6v lantern batteries in the past, they work well, last a while, but
are somewhat expensive and not environmentally friendly (ie not rechargeable).
I have also used a 12V motorcycle battery, which I would ocasionally put on a
charger ... not too portable unless it's attached to a motorcycle.

>From past experience (ie several different power supplies) I have found that
batteries make for a much more pleasant experience when using a DC-receiver.

Michael - VE3WMB


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