Re: Pigeons on beam: final solution


From: David Moody, KD8NY (MOODY@Admin.Rose-Hulman.Edu)
Date: Mon Apr 24 1995 - 11:52:14 EDT

> What happened to the plastic owl I see a lot of people using?
> Doesn't that work?
> b

Not QRP related, but plastic owl related. My parents had a problem with
a woodpecker on the roof. It wasn't pecking at the roof, but at the
metal (metalpecker??) furnace flue. It would cause quite a racket! They
put up one of the plastic owls, and the woodpecker stayed away for a day,
and then came back and just sat next to the plastic owl, and started
pecking at the flue again. Apparently birds are smart enough to realize
that the thing isn't real. Same problem as crows perched on a scarecrow
in a corn field, I guess.
In most cases with antennas, a hit of RF and they will fly away, but at QRP
or QRPp levels, they might not. Unless they are heavy birds, or there are
many perched on the antenna, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Nests
located inside a tower can be a bigger problem. You don't want to get a
bird upset with you while you are up on a tower!!!

My two milliwatts worth.

72, David "Those beaks are sharp" Moody, KD8NY

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