Re: Vertical Antennas


Date: Sun Apr 23 1995 - 21:28:57 EDT

I have used various commercial vertical antennas for many years. The
absolute best performer was a Hustler 5BTV on my flat roof at my on-base
quarters at Lajes Field, the Azores (CT2BH). I had 4 radials per band on
40-10 meters and only 2 radials on 80 but the antenna performed very
well. I overlooked the Atlantic oceanm, and the CT2 callsign didn't hurt
anything either.

The best performer I have used in the states is a Butternutt HF-6V with
16 radials (15 foot long) buried just under the sod. The antenna worked
like gangbusters.

I currently have a Cushcraft R-7 that I have used off and on for over 2
years, and it works well, although not as efficiently as the HF-6V. Don
Newcomb of Butternutt said to me to get rid of the short radials that
Cushcraft provides and put out a good radial system and it will work just

I like verticals and even though I have a TH7DX at 52 feet and a set of
dipoles for 80 & 40 meters, I will be permenantly mounting my R-7 on the
end of the house this summer. Nothing takes the place of an efficient,
properly installed vertical antenna. It really rounds out the antenna farm.

73 & 72

rich K7YHA

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