Looking for a FET


From: Ted Kell (kell@mpac.jsc.nasa.gov)
Date: Fri Apr 21 1995 - 16:05:00 EDT

I have been looking at the "California Board" SSB rig in the latest issue of
QRPp and have run into a slight problem. I cannot find any reference to the FET
labeled as Q! on the main board. It is listed as a VN10KM. Can anyone help me
in finding a source, or perhaps a replacement for this device? I have seen a
VN10lP in the latest Digi-Key catalog and talked to the manufacturer. They tell
me that it is a european device, so perhaps the VN10KM is also. So if anyone
has info on this, I would appreciate hearing from you.



Ted Kell (kell@mpac.jsc.nasa.gov)

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