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From: Marco Fassiotto (fax%sparc4@Olivetti.Com)
Date: Fri Apr 21 1995 - 11:32:49 EDT

According to W. Daniel, 9V1ZV:
> .....
> the versatile PIC 16Cxx type microcontrollers? These things are really super
> versatile, and when purchased in quantities, are in fact very very cheap. Not
> only that, the support circuitry is really simple, and once some one implements
> a smart keyer on it, that is, one that has more than just basic features, it
> can be made so small you really can't believe it. Such a keyer, will have all
> the features of a Curtiss 8044, including control pots for weighting and speed,
> plus the bonus that the weighting can be made continous from negative to
> positive without needing switches. And when some new firmware is developed, we
> can simply re-program the PIC's to get new features etc. I am just wondering
> ......

I just completed (yesterday night) a keyer like that that will fit into my
IC735 in place of the unit from Icom that costs a fortune. It's
a really basic version, although supporting dot memory on/off and jambic
keying, due to the lack of controls available on the rig but
will soon be expanded with a few memories and such.
It uses an Sgs-Thompson ST62T10 micro controller and will cost about 12$
provided you have some basic components out from the junkbox (a 78L05 and
a few resistor and caps). The unit draws about 3.0 mA making it ideal for qrp
and portable work (pcb could be made as small as 1.5"x1.5" may be less).
I'm wondering about availability and price of the ST62T10 in the US.
Does anybody know??
72/73, Marco

Marco Fassiotto, i1iiy/aa1iu
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