Yup, Young's sellin' something again


From: NYOUNG@nova.wright.edu
Date: Thu Apr 20 1995 - 21:14:34 EDT

And this time it ain't more of my commie drivvel, either.
Nope, this time I'm selling a radio. Actually, it's not
just a radio, but that's another story... which I will
not deconstruct (as they say in the halls of academe).


ARK4 (S&S Engineering 40m mini-rig. Digital freq system,
      built-in Curtis keyer, audio filter, RIT, vernier
      tuning. You've seen it. It's a nice little radio
      about the size of an outboard modem.)
>>> The Deal Includes: A nice black cloth, foam padded
      bag to carry the beast in. A battery (that holds
      a reasonable charge). A set of keyer paddles that
      I built on a chunk of battle plate with all the
      contact stuff enclosed (and a padded box for the
      paddles to go in). Power cables (which mate with
      the battery or with anything else that gives current
      through an RCA jack) and some other odds and ends
      (like earphones, cloth bags for carrying odds and
      ends in and such like stuff).

AND the PRICE? Well..... how about $120. Tax, title, dealer prep.
Those coming to Dayton can haggle. The rest can tell me
that I'm nuts. Or you can give me your best offer and I'll
take it under advisement until about Saturday evening at
the QRP Banquet. ** If it ain't sold by Saturday night at
the banquet, then my wife will strangle me in front of
everyone present. And you thought you wouldn't get a floor show!
Whaddya think this is, anyway? Some kinda cut rate deal?
Dis iz quality here we're talkin'. Quality. Such as this
you never get in Boise.

Ok. Here. Simple. FOR SALE: ARK4 & a bunch of stuff to use
with it. $120. And don't forget the ladies. It comes with
a nice cloth bag, some stuff (and a built in LM380 af amp!)

Price: $120. Or best offer as of Saturday, April 29 at the
QRP Banquet.

Nils R. B. Young
126 West Main Street
Medway, OH 45341 USA
(513) 849-0113 (have your machine leave an answer on my machine)

And thanks for shopping at the Grinnin' Turkey Ranch.

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