From: John Foote (
Date: Mon Apr 17 1995 - 11:59:02 EDT

I've got to have one, also.

I've had an Alinco DJ-580T since March 1992. After 21 months of the 2 yr.
warrnaty, the cpu went squirrelly and it would not do anything. I sent it to
them and they replaced the cpu and a couple of other minor things. Didn't
charge me. One note: Be careful with long antennas connected to the 580T. They
told me they replaced the BNC connector. But I never stressed it that I could
recall. Apparently its more delicate than I thought and was close to parting
from the board.

Alinco must be filling up a full line, aimed at the new Techs in the USA. They
have a 10 watt mobile 6 meter FM rig (good for no-coders) and now an HF that
includes 6 meters (for the no-coder working on upgrading).

At 6.2 pounds the DX-70T is about the size of the TS-50, which does not have a
detachable front. I'm only looking at detachable front machines, not because of
fear of thievery as much as a total lack of a place to mount anything in my
Plymouth Horizon.

Now, if the ICOM 706 on the horizon is engineered as well as the 738 then they
really have something. And you thought that low sunspots would make hamming
dull and boring. WRONG.

de KR4GL
John Foote

Today's quote: "Remember. Even though you're not paranoid, they could STILL be
out to get you."

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Subject: Re: QST
Author: at hdnsmtp
Date: 4/17/95 10:43 AM

Just a note about my experience with Alinco. Of course, I have never had an
Alinco HF rig, so, who knows? But, I have had one of the DR-599T dual band
2m/70cm mobile rigs with the detachable front for about 3 years. Rig is
mounted in the trunk and the head is mounted with velcro on the from of the
ash tray (had to find some use for it). It has just worked. Never a burp,
never a problem. I seem to have good luck with radios, but I've had several
friends with Alincos that have had the same experience. The only negative I
can tell you about is a friend who bought one of their dual band handhelds.
 Never worked right. He went around and around with them for 6 months and
they finally sent him a brand new one. I've know others who had the very
same model handheld without a problem. Must have been the first one off the
assembly line on Monday or the last one on Friday.
Anyway, if they have introduced a detachable panel HF rig that covers 160 to
6 it has just made it to the GOT TO HAVE list. Now, if I can just figure out
how to afford the incredible price its likely to have.

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