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Date: Sun Apr 09 1995 - 15:14:17 EDT

This is not DIRECTLY related to QRP, but is a sub-topic that has been
going on for a while. This is a computer drawing program which is
great for doing schematics, and I use it for my column in the QRP
Quarterly and KI6DS uses it for some of the drawings in QRPp (there's
the QRP tie-in!). As you know, I sent a file with my symbol library to
AB4EL to put on the system at via ftp. Though some
people are having trouble getting or using it, it does download
properly into my machine, so it can be done :-).
I don't know if it will import into the Mac version. Someone told me
they tried it on the Windows version and did not work, and that Windows
uses different extensions for drawing files and library files. I have
no answers for this one yet.
Here's the deal: the file I sent to AB4EL was produced on a DOS
machine, and will work on DOS versions of the program. When you bring
it home from the ftp site you can change the name of the file, but you
MUST change the extension to .KCF, which is how KeyCAD recognizes it as
a drawing file. If you try to run it past KeyCAD with anything other
than a .KCF extension, it will ignore it.
I have a README file of sorts that I wrote, and sent copies to a few
people to look over before I post it to AB4EL. It's rather rambling
and disjointed, but might serve the purpose. If anyone would like a
copy, let me know and I'll send the file (long) via e-mail; I think
it's about 6 pages on the word processor. Ask for file TESTCAD, and
I'll dump it into the e-mailer.
Another good use for KeyCAD, by the way, is drawing up PCB patterns. I
haven't experimented with that yet, but KI6DS has had one in QRPp drawn
on KeyCAD. If you're designing a killer QRP project for your club or
for publication, here's an easy (I hope :-) ) way to do the drawing.
73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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