From: DALE MATHISEN (DALE.MATHISEN@hamlink.mn.org)
Date: Sun Apr 09 1995 - 00:48:34 EDT

Hello Gang....
I am interested in finding the specs on the Norcal 40(A) QRP unit.
I am new to QRP and I would like to find a kit that allows CW and
possibly SSB transmit and receive on 40M. I have heard much about the
Norcal 40(A), but I would like to know things like freqs, specs, and
I am also interested in getting info on becoming a member of the QRPp or
G-QRP or any other QRP Group which has a Newsletter or Bulletins.
If anybody has any other suggestions on QRP kits (on other bands besides
40M and including 40M) which have been fairly easy and very rewarding to
build, please drop me a line at Dale.Mathisen@hamlink.mn.org.
I would also like comments and or reviews of different units so that I
can make (I hope) an informed decision on which kit to build....
Thank you for reading this....de N0VXH (Dale Mathisen in MN)

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