From: James Lyons (jlyons@CAM.ORG)
Date: Sat Apr 01 1995 - 15:50:05 EST

Just got back form a Hamfest with a MX-14S complete with speaker/mike,
12 to 9.5 volt supply and 4 crystals. The manual is a bit scrimpy and
the really interesting stuff is in Japanese so I'm hoping another owner
can help with the following questions.

How do you get into it to change batteries or crystals? There is a large
screw on the back, two screws on one side and a screw and the strap
attachment on the other. Which do I undo?

There is a slide switch on the rear above the mode switch which may be a
filter or attenuator. When I move it signal levels drop and it MAY
filter CW signals a bit but not really effectively. There is no mention
of this in the info I have.

The DC-DC converter has an extra lead, with a coax connector, attached to
the lighter plug and the guy who sold it said that is what you use for
charging (with the switch on the back of the set in the charging
position). Is this, in fact, correct? Do you use 12 volts to charge
the NiCads?

Apart from that everything seems to be fairly obvious but any information
would be helpful. I'm hoping to take this on a trip to Scotland this Summer.

Thanks and 72,

Jim, VE2KN

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