Norcal 40a audio problems


Date: Thu Mar 30 1995 - 13:38:17 EST

Hi, all
        Well, I've been checking my audio and I think there's something
wrong... When we were aligning the rig, we heard signals off a 40 meter
beam, although the audio level was pretty low, with R8 all the way
advanced and RF gain maxed as well.
        Similarly, adjusting C1 and C2 for a peak was a no-go--i.e., no
peak was found. It's not a headphone problem (although I DID find a bad
pair :-)), by the way.
        Has anyone else experienced this problem?
        Brian Pepperdine VE3VAW tells me that he believes that he
installed a mispackaged T2 core (he thinks it might have been the same as
the T1 core, a FT37-43, instead of a FT37-61), and that when he re-wound the
toroid on a known core everything popped up quite nicely...
        Is there any relatively easy way I can troubleshoot this before
pulling out the transformer and getting a new core? I saw a recent post
about measuring the impedance on a coil, but I don't think I have the
equipment. Any ideas??
                     Thanks, Matt KN6CR

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