QRP+ Slot Taken


From: Stephen Lee (slee@u.washington.edu)
Date: Thu Mar 30 1995 - 12:54:23 EST

I've picked up the option on Steve's slot for the QRP+. Steve was
in on the original internet buy. I was coordinating a second internet
buy slated for late May or early June and will continue to do so. The
second internet group purchase of the QRP+ can take place with as few
as 10 buyers. Perhaps I will have the opportunity for some hands-on
QRP+ experience before then. For those who have expressed an interest
in joining the second group buy, I will correspond via email the 3rd week
in April and again during the 2nd week of May. I will try to keep
discussions concerning the 2nd QRP+ group buy off the qrp-l net.

Thanks all!
Stephen Lee

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