probably for sale


From: Jeff Gold (
Date: Thu Mar 30 1995 - 12:14:37 EST

Well the following will most likely be for sale very soon. Some of
these items are out of the never intend to sell except in case of
emergency: (need to be prepared and finding out interest in)
1) hardest of all to part with:

Ten Tec Argonaut 509 (never been modified)

very good condition, perfect operationally.. some marks on top and
side, front panel lettering is great (it is hybernating in my

-matching power supply
-Pallomar TX50 very small (about 4"X4X4) 3-30 Mhz, 50 watt solid
 state amplifier
-matching audio filter (in tiny plastic case.. built from
 schematic of original matching filter)
-electronic keyer in black case that matches audio filter

** will only sell ALL together (unless get offer for amp or
something simultaneously)

it ain't going to be cheap.
2) MFJ 20 meter SSB travel radio with CW option installed.. rig
   works fantastically.. the cover panel is not marked for CW
   range, but imagine would not be bad to get MFJ to send another
3) QSO recorder from QST article.. great building job in K5FO nice
   aluminum case.. kit was over $100, case was $10.. will sell for
   $$75 shipped us
4) S&S engineering digital frequency counter, factory built, with
   optional bank for more precise display $45 shipped
5) MFJ 30 meter QRP rig with fantastic 4 position audio filter
   (way better than the one MFJ sells) this was built from parts
   that MFJ sent me and the front panel calibration was off and I
   put my own letter on.. again probably easy to get new front
   panel from MFJ), the rig works great $120
6) 30-40 QRP rig in VERY nice blue, small metal case (about same
   size as Norcal 40.. just a little taller) I put in an on/off
   switch and it has a 259 antenna connector, the back panel is
   see thru plexiglass to you can look in and see the great job
   I did on putting it together, or so I think. worked first
   time and every time $65


Jeff, AC4HF


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