QRP+ Rig


From: Steve Slavsky (sslavsky@CapAccess.org)
Date: Thu Mar 30 1995 - 10:29:13 EST

Due to some changed circumstances, I need to find someone to take over my
spot in line for the QRP+ I ordered earlier this month as part of Jeff
Gold's group buy. While I could probably cancel the order outright as he
is very backlogged right now, I believe there were a number of folks on the
list who expressed interest after the order went in. The price was $530
(regular list is $599 + mike + shipping) including mike and shipping.

If you would like to take my place, please contact me by e-mail and I will
get in touch with Index Labs to give them your name and shipping
information. You will also have to give me (or call Index direct) with
credit card info or send them a check.

If you want to call me, my datime number is 703-697-8335 and evening is


Steve, N4EUK

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