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From: Monte Stark (ku7y@sage.dri.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 28 1995 - 02:44:38 EST

OK gang,

They are real! I listened to 5 (yep, count 'em, five)
Epiphytes' tonight.

KI6DS 59
W6MMA 55
VE7QK 56

Plus VE7XDY and W6EMD on other rigs, both 59.

The noise lever here tonight was a quiet S4/S6.

Think I had better hunt around and see if I can
find an old D104 laying here someplace. Doug is
about ready to throw rocks at me for using CW up

These little rigs sure sound nice. And if there is
any drift it's not much. I was having to move the
RIT between the different stations so any drift would
be hard to see anyway.

The first three evenings that I listened to this bunch
I spent trying to figure out how they were keying their
rigs to make all that funny noise. At least Micky Mouse
got paid for it! Then it came to me. It's one of those
keys that you talk into. Just like the old AM rigs. :-)

I couldn't figure out why Doug was having a hard time
hearing me and then I noticed that I wasn't moving the
power meter neddle! When I cranked it up to about 4w he
did much better!

Lets see, if I am going to try SSB do I have to practice
talking with a bucket over my head just to get the sound

73's, Ron

.........KU7Y....................Monte "Ron" Stark.....
....ku7y@sage.dri.edu............Sun Valley, Nevada....
.........ARRL.......NorCal #330.......NRA LIFE.........

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