RE: squeaker grills & the like


Date: Mon Mar 27 1995 - 18:52:40 EST

Nils, you wrote, in part:

> I just got finished (again) with the overhaul and
> reboxing of the by-now-infamous 30m Howes rig that
> Then I made a spacer out of
> some plastic crap and tightened the speaker down to the
> grill. A piece of toilet paper roll (yes, an empty toilet
> paper roll) got glued to the back side of the speaker
> and now it almost sounds like I knew what I was doing.

I just can't let that pass without response. Back in these her parts, we reply
to the above-mentioned items as "music rolls." You've gone one better. On the
other hand, I'd like to see what you'd do with the Sears catalog or (heaven
forbid) a corncob or two! Perhaps a disguised mini qrp rig?

I gotta stop this now, the mind reels......


Joe E. N2CX

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