slug tuned coils and a distributor


From: rohre (
Date: Fri Mar 24 1995 - 16:04:21 EST

At one time, J. W. Miller Co. made all kinds of coils, chokes, and slug tuned
coils I think. Anyway, they have a distributor who is Digikey Corp. who have
same day shipping by 5 PM central U.S. time. Their (800) no. is 1-800-344-4539,
and for those outside the U.S. where 800 does not help, the FAX no. is

The Miller factory probably does not sell small quantities, but their nos. for
reference on technical issues: (310) 515-1720. FAX (310) 515-1962. They are
at 306 East Alondra Blvd., P O Box 2859, Gardena, CA. 90247. I just gave them a
call, and you have to get catalogs from their area representatives. For the
Central U.S. this is
Component Partners in Dallas area: (214) 644-1288. For Export sales: In New
York: Roburn Agencies telephone (914) 968-1016, Mr. Sanford Awner vice Pres.,
FAX (914) 968-2188. He told me they handle all the world for Miller. I usually
request a "line sheet" of the other companies they represent for future parts
needs when I deal with someone who is the sales rep. for multiple companies.

Now Justin, you won't need all the international info I included, but this could
be of help to the list to whom I will post as well.

Does anyone know whatever happened to CTC or Cambion, who also made ceramic coil
forms and slug tuned coils?

Hope you get a source to post on those feedthrus. They are rare these days!
-73, Stuart K5KVH

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