Re: installing speakers


Date: Sat Mar 25 1995 - 09:20:24 EST

I too, have been upset at the results of my efforts to drill a speaker grill
pattern in cabinets for my receiver projects.

I did get one suggestion that has helped alot and really improved the
results: Tape a piece of perforated board to the cabinet over the intended
area for your speaker grill (the kind Radio Shack sells
for breadboarding circuits works fine). Use board with small hole spacing for
best results. Draw the pattern you want for your speaker
on the perf board. I usually just put the loose speaker in position and
draw around it. I then use my Dremel Power-Mite and use the perf board as a
drilling guide. After I've drilled all the needed holes with a
small drill, I go back and use a larger one on some of the holes to
make a nice pattern. Pull the perf board off and your grill pattern should
look pretty good!

I used this technique on my Norcal 40A and am very pleased with the results.


Tom Frisz N9DD
South Bend, IN

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