MFJ-1621 Portable Antenna


From: Keith M. Hamilton (
Date: Wed Mar 15 1995 - 14:18:21 EST

I have a question for the list. I have a need for a portable
antenna. I cannot erect a permanent antenna at this location
and I have no trees to throw wires into. Also I want to work
from this location on a pretty regular basis so I want something
that is small and relitively simple to set up when needed.

The MFJ-1621 Portable Antenna seems to fit the bill although I
dont have a very high regard for SOME of their products.
Has anyone tried this antenna? Is it a quality product?
And how did it work for you? I want to use it for 40M CW
with my NorCal 40.

Tanks for taking the time to read my note and thanks in
advance for replying!

72 Keith

(Sorry about the spelling!)
(I think my fingers move slower than my brain!)

Keith M. Hamilton - NO8Z                Piano Technicians Guild                       Youngstown Chapter
Youngstown, OH

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