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From: Mike Czuhajewski (Mike.Czuhajewski@hambbs.wb3ffv.ampr.org)
Date: Wed Mar 15 1995 - 12:40:33 EST

>From WA8MCQ, 14 March 1995: Here is the text, word for word, of the
resignation letter of WN2V. Although it was addressed to the "inner
circle", he authorized me to share it publicly on the QRP list. My
personal commentary follows it.

6 March 95

To: All Board members and Directors;

It has been a year since I became Acting President. During that time
I don't feel that I've been able to be effective as President of this
club [QRP Amateur Radio Club International]. We have only a few
board members that are still current and my feelings are that only a
radical change in Club by-laws and operating procedure will keep the
club going. At this time with pressing personal matters and a lack
of desire to carry on, I officially resign as President of the QRP
ARCI. The Vice president, Buck Switzer, will have to assume the
leadership of the club until you elect a new president.

I have thought very deeply as to what course the club should steer.
Listed below is my idea of what it would take to turn things around.

1. Eliminate the offices of president, vice president, and
2. Select a General Secretary who would have authority to get things
done accountable to a Board of Directors.
3. The Board of Directors would only have to approve expenses above
$500 and rule on policy changes. They would not have to be ask [sic]
to approve every little thing.
4. The General Secretary could enlist the aid of volunteers to chair
various depts.
5. The old constitution and by-laws would be thrown out and a new
simpler one written, and new incorporation if required.

I am wishing you all much success and I am happy to have done what I
could for QRP. 72, Les Shattuck, WN2V

[end of letter]

The following are personal WA8MCQ comments, and not to be construed
as an official pronouncement from the QRP ARCI. I speak only for
myself, although I did read this over the phone to both N8CQA and
WN2V and incorporated some of their additional comments.

First, a word about Buck Switzer--he told me that he is accepting the
position of Interim or Acting President, and will step down when a
suitable candidate appears and is voted into office by the Board of
Directors (and Officers? not sure exactly what the procedure is). He
told me I should continue what I have been doing for some time now,
which is trying to find a suitable candidate who is willing to be the
President. Although I have never really made it very clear (and may
never have even mentioned it), everything I have been doing in recent
months--recruiting Board of Director candidates, Presidential
candidates, various staff positions for the QRP Quarterly, etc--has
always been done with close coordination with the sitting President
and full approval beforehand. Although I may have frequently given
the impression, I am not a "committee of one doing all the
appointing". (That's not a swipe at K5FO; although I think those
words are his, I have received the same comment from a number of
people, and it's entirely my fault for not making it clear that I was
always acting with approval of the President.)

Talking to Les on the phone, he does not necessarily expect that
these somewhat radical recommendations will be followed. There have
been a number of detailed, well thought out suggestions from people
in the last couple years, such as Rich Arland, K7YHA, and Fred
Bonavita, W5QJM, suggesting overhauling the power structure of the
club, streamlining it and making it more responsive. Few, of any, of
the changes have been implemented, for various reasons, but it seems
to be agreed on by many that the club does need to do some serious
thinking about its structure, purpose, aim and direction, etc. My
own feelings are that the size of the BoD should be reduced
significantly, since it is extremely difficult to work with 11 people
via mail to get discussion, a consensus and vote. It is, of course,
crucial that if we have a smaller board it must be staffed entirely
by people who will be actively involved at all times and fully
support the President, whoever that may be.

One problem that Les experienced was the tremendous enthusiasm and
support of Dayton gradually tapering off in the following months.
This is, of course, not an indictment against any of the people
involved, since we all know this happens to any organization of any
sort--it's just basic human nature and virtually inevitable, at least
to some degree, and Buck knows it will occur and is a potential
problem for him as well.

During recent months I repeatedly asked Les to officially define who
the Board of Directors consists of, but he consistently declined to
do so before Dayton. Although there are ten names listed on the back
page of the QRP Quarterly (one position on the 11 member board is
unfilled), the terms of many of them expired at the ends of 1993 and
1994 (normally, a third of the board is replaced every year). At the
end of 1993, those expiring were asked to remain on the Board for
some period (the length of which I do not know). To the best of my
knowledge, that was not done at the end of 1994.

Those who have unexpired terms as Board members are myself, along
with Danny Gingell, K3TKS and Bob Hajdak, N8CMZ. All three of our
terms expire at the end of 1995; this can be verified by checking
past issues of the QRP Quarterly (I do not have the specific issue at
hand right now). At Dayton in 1994, Doug Hendricks, KI6DS, was
appointed to the Board. I do not know what the term was, but it may
have been for a full three year term. [I had a call from him later,
even he does not know what his term or status is.] Aside from these
4 people, I am unable to discern the true makeup of the Board. I
talked with a few people recently who were asked to stay on. One
said that he no longer considered himself a board member, and another
said he did.

During 1994, Les requested people interested in being on the Board to
submit their nominations, and I know of at least one who did.
(Tonight, Les told me five people responded to him.) For reasons
that are unclear to me, there were no calls for elections in either
of those years (1993 and 1994); I was very disappointed at that,
since I had found several good candidates for the Board in both
years. If any of those people are still interested, or if any other
members are interested in being on the Board, Buck Switzer, N8CQA,
requests that you contact him with a brief resume to throw your hat
in the ring. (654 Georgia, Marysville, MI 48040) He would like
this done before Dayton. (By the way, those two years with no
elections cover two different administrations of the club. Little
would be accomplished by trying to place blame on specific
individuals, and, considering all the facts as I believe them to be,
there really are no clear cut "villains", anyhow; it's just something
that happened, and needs to be put behind us.)

Those who will be attending the meeting at Dayton (which may possibly
be opened up to observers) should be prepared for an interesting,
demanding and intense time, and probably won't be disappointed.
There are many important topics to be covered, and surely many hard
decisions to be made. After talking to Buck and Les, I believe it is
not inconceivable that the by-laws (or constitution or whatever we
have) may be scrapped and completely rewritten on the spot. They may
also produce two separate documents, a short set of by-laws together
with a longer, more detailed set of "operating procedures".
(Remember, this is personal commentary and not an official club
pronouncement :-) )

After most of this was written I had a long conversation with Doug
Hendricks. We covered a wide range of topics relating to the
operation and structure of the club and QRP Quarterly and are pretty
much in agreement on most topics. More importantly, he and I both
have high hopes for the future and strong commitments to it, for
putting the past behind us and moving the club forward. (Although I
did not bring it up during our conversation, I hope we will both
survive any possible "purge" of the Board--after all, this is an era
in America of anti-incumbent fever :-) )

I am always more than glad to discuss the details of this and other
background information on the phone (410-551-1633 home); I don't know
if even the key players know all the facts, myself included, but I am
willing to share my knowledge and perspective. (I have been in
regular contact with WN2V during his entire presidency, as well as
other people.)

Copies of this are being sent to QRP-L as well as several
individuals, some of whom are not subscribers to QRP-L. Due to
limitations of the system I operate under I can only put a limited
number of addresses on each outgoing message, so several mailings
will be required. Addressees include WN2V, N8CQA, N8DHT, KI6SN,
should also get a copy but I am not sending him one; I do not know if
he has e-mail, and US mail sent to two different addresses was

73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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