incredible evening!


From: prvalko (
Date: Wed Mar 15 1995 - 07:59:17 EST

Last night, the Utica Shelby Emergency Communications Assoc. (USECA) held
their monthly ham meeting. The program was...QRP!

I have to say it was a once in a lifetime sight! One table had EVERY
Ten*Tec QRP rig from 1969 through 1988. Power MItes I, II and III! All
three versions of the Argonauts 505, 509, and 515. Even a RARE 409
amplifier! Simply fantastic... and I with out my camera. Fortunately,
one of the wiser attendees took some snapshots for me.

Also on display were rigs from MFJ, TEJAS, Dan's Kits and Small Easily
Lost Parts. I brought my new NorCal 40a, and enjoyed a tremendous ego
explosion as I graciously took credit for all the hard work NorCal did in
designing that kit so that it looked SO COOL when completed! I easily
could have sold at least ten of then last night.

Heath was well represented with an HW-7 and an HW-8 as well as some of
the HW-9 accessories. no rig :-( There was a Halicrafters "spy" qrp
rig. A rare DIGITREK 20M SSB rig, was sitting next to a complete SCOUT
(turned to 5watts) station mounted in a thermal picnic cooler!

I was happy to see Byron WA8LCZ, brought his QRP PLUS and let me hold one
for the first time. Boy, was I impressed. That unit is one solid rock!
I was very surprized by the weight and sold feel of it. It is not
"tippy" at all--as suggested by the single, front tilt-bail. Now I
REALLY can't wait to get mine!

One of the guys in the group is interested in going in on another group
purchase of QRP+. If there is going to be another, please e-mail so that
I may pass the word to him.

73! =paul= wb8zjl

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