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From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 23:29:10 EST

I also talked with both Buck Switzer and Les Shattuck about the
resignation. As Doug said, Buck is taking the position of _Interim_
President, until a new one can be found, and he told me to keep on
doing what I have been doing for a bit over 2 years now: beating the
bushes for anyone interested in assuming the job of President of the
QRP ARCI. I have talked to quite a few dozen QRPers in that time,l
some very well known, some little known, and all have declined so far.
The standard offer still applies: the job is open to anyone who wants
it, subject, of course, to approval by the Board of Directors. I am
"offering" the job to anyone who wants it. (By the way, contrary to
popular belief, I am not a committee of one who does all appointing in
the club, although that impression is perhaps understandable. I did
recruit a new technical editor for the QRP Quarterly--two in a row--as
well as a new features editor, and have been "offering" the job of
President for 2 years. However, something I seldom, if ever, mentioned
in any of these was that I was always in close coordination with the
sitting president at all times, and everything was done with approval
beforehand. That is still that case--I am "offering" the position of
President to anyone with the approval of the new Interim Pres. And I
do not give it away, either--I simply try to find sparks of interest,
and when I find someone truly interested I will pass their name to the
Pres, and that person will only get the job through proper procedures,
ie, winning a majority vote of the board of directors.) I will pass
along the text of Les' resignation later when I get a chance to type it
up (he gave me permission to post it publicly). 73 and Queue Our Pea

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