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Date: Tue Mar 14 1995 - 15:35:20 EST

Hi gang,
The Dayton QRP Banquet is scheduled for Saturday April 29, 1995 at 8:00PM at
the Days Inn South in Miamisburg, OH. Don't miss it! It's gonna be
fantastic! Seating is limited so you must buy your tickets in advance. Send
a SASE (self addressed and stamped envelope) and money order (prefered) or
check for $12.00 made out to:
Pete Meier
4181 Rural
Waterford, MI 48329
Attn: QRP Banquet Tickets

Now look what your 12 bucks brings:
Guest speakers include Ten Tec President and Founder Jack Burchfield K4JU and
his Vice President of Sales Tom Salvetti KC3NF. NorCal's Wayne Burdick N6KR
designer of the Sierra and NorCal 40.
Door Prizes from:
NorCal Sierra Kit w/4 bands
Dave Benson NNIG Small Wonder Labs 40-x Kit
Vibroplex Brass Racer
A&A Engineering Basic Keyer Kit
Kanga/G-QRP Kanga kit, G QRP Circuit, Antenna Handbooks
Dan's Small Part... to be determined
Hambrew Project Enclosure, back issues
Ten Tec to be determined
and possibly others... anyone else want to donate a prize?

Meal includes choice of Roast Beef, Baked Ham, Fried Chicken
Parsley Butter Potatoes, Cal. Blend Vegetables, 7 Layer Salad etc. etc.

So don't delay, don't miss out on a grand evening with great company!

Pete WK8S

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